photo0523  I’ve got the chance to go to this year arthur’s day because I won lots of tickets from 3 contest. I joined all the contest I could found on the internet so that I can see taio cruz! Hot smile I got 8 total of tickets. 1 pair from advertlets, 1 pair from choo mei sze and 4 tickets from “goingout MSN”. but only 2 friends are interested to joined me, so got 5 extra tickets nobody want. too bad Sad smile hehe. btw,  arthur’s day ticket are not sold. entry is only by exclusive invite.

The dress code for the event is BLACK PARTY CHIC. So , here is the outfit I’m wearing for the day.

Photo0524_001  I love this dress so much because it fits me well. so happy to find the right dress one day before the big day! hehehe Smile with tongue out  and yes I wear it with my FAVE converse. btw, who says  u can’t wear dress with your converse??? Smile with tongue out

below are the pics I’ve taken with my phone camera. the image are not so good, 5mp only Smile with tongue out p/s: cameras are not allowed.

photo0617                   photo0531

these are the stage.

photo0533 me and my friend, rozie.    photo0536 giant banner

photo0537       photo0538 dragon red performing.


photo0549 tis is joe flizzow.

finally. the man I’ve been waiting for, TAIO CRUZ!!!!!! Red heart

photo0573       photo0582   photo0575      photo0554



photo0616   photo0622    photo0623








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