30 Hour Famine – Hunger No More

The 30-Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger and poverty. Over the years, the 30-Hour Famine has gained a reputation as one of the biggest and most fun fundraising event in the world particularly among youths and young adults. By going without solid food for 30 hours, you can bring change to the lives of those impacted by hunger and poverty. You can give them access to improved health care, a better quality of life and most importantly, HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. Participants will have an opportunity to get a first-hand simulated experience of living life in dire conditions through various Famine Challenges and educational movies. At the end of the fasting period, participants will break-fast together at their respective DIY Camp venues or to participate in the the 30-Hour Famine centralised Countdown event. A line up of local and international stars will support and join in the event including Wang Lee Hom from Taiwan, Mei Sim from 8TV and many more.Learn more about this cause in the following YouTube video:How Can You Help?Lead people for this causeJoin a campHelp from HomeI just want to donate some moneyShare this Social Good Campaign

via 30 Hour Famine – Hunger No More.


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