Product Review- Kotex Proactive Guards.

I have received a free samples of newly launched Kotex Proactive Guards that I have requested from their website,



TQ KOTEX! Red heart


It is always hard for me to concentrate on my daily tasks during my menstrual cycle due to fear that leakage may happen at any time. But with Kotex Proactive Guards, I feel safer & more confident to move around & stay active! Rolling on the floor laughing


Kotex with ProActive Guards Technology features the following superior performances:

  • ProActive Guards Technology- side guards that rise intuitively upon contact with fluid help prevent possible leakages in the day and night.
  • RapidAbsorb Funnels- a specially designed funnel that absorb fluid during heavy or sudden flow, locking the liquid away securely in the Micro<Max* core, thus preventing leakage.
  • Quick-Absorb Dri-Blue layer- traps fluid instantly to help keep you dry at night.



these are the samples I’ve received. it contents  2 pcs Kotex Soft & Smooth Overnight (32cm) pads. Thumbs up



look at the wondeful design, so girly. LOVE IT! Red heart


IMG0001                       photo0749

Without kotex…. Sick smile                                                                                                          With Kotex… Rolling on the floor laughing  Open-mouthed smile  Smile with tongue out Thumbs up


So, what you waiting for, get yours now! Kotex Proactive Guards are available at all major retail outlets nationwide.


For free samples, check out



Sella. xoxo


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