Product Review- Free Samples from O’slee

I have received free samples from O’slee.  Smile


THANK YOU O’SLEE! Rolling on the floor laughing


These are the samples I’ve received:


1. Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III


Price:  RM59.90/100ml

  • Extra Hydrating & Whitening
  • UV-Oxi Whitening
  • Pore-Refining & Black Head Reducing
  • Enhance Absorption Ability


2. Rosehip Peeling Gel


Price: RM49.90/60ml

  • Dissolve cuticle and blackhead in 1 minute
  • Deep cleansing & refine pores
  • Skin translucent white


3. Aqua Medi Refreshing Hydro-Cream


Price: RM79.88/50ml

  • Miracle change to your skin!
  • Transform to fountiain of water drops 24-hour hydration


4.  O’slee SPF30++ UV Cut Medi Anti-Shine Sunblock Lotion


How to use?

  • For normal & dry skin, apply adequate amount on whole face every morning after cleansing & toning.
  • For dry skin, apply after cleansing, toning & lotion.


O’slee is available exclusively at Guardian.


For more info, visit


BTW, I wanna thanks O’slee for the free samples! Thumbs up



SELLA, xoxo.


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