Another free samples! No. 1 Sunblock Brand In Japan.



Thank You Biore for giving me free Biore UV AQUA Rich SPF 50+ PA+++ (15 g sample)

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Now I can protect my beauty from the sun everyday! Be right back


ABOUT Biore UV AQUA Rich SPF 50+ PA+++ Watery Essence:

Cool ‘water-like’ Sensation!

  • Contains Aqua Micro Capsules which provide a light & cool ‘Water-like’ fresh feeling.
  • Hydrates & Softens Skin: Contain Hyaluronic Acid & Mix Citrus Essence* as key moisturizing ingredients to leave skin healthy & hydrated.
  • Quick absorption, spreads easily on skin.
  • Keeps skin fresh, moist & protected.
  • Non sticky & Non Greasy (in Gel form)

*made of orange, grapefruits & lemon extract.

Your delicate skin is under constant attack from damaging UV rays, even when you think you are safe indoors


Ultra Violet rays are invisible radiation from the sun that causes skin damage.

3 types:

  1. UVC Rays do not reach Earth.
  2. UVB Rays causes sunburn.
  • shade only gives up to 50% ambient UV protection.
  • UV Rays penetrate through glass window & also reflect off them.
  • UV rays pass through light coloured clothing.
  • tiles reflect up to 25% of UV rays.

    3. UVA Rays speed up skin’s aging process causing wrinkles, dark spots & other signs of aging.

What is SPF?

Sun Protection Factor is the rate of protection against UVB. It tells you how long you can stay in the sun without getting sun burned based on skin complexion. However, there are also other factors which affect the amount of sun exposure a person receives such as weather conditions, time of day, geographic location & activities. Eg. Wiping sweat from skin or towel drying will remove some sunblock away while UV rays are stronger at high grounds or places with less clouds.

How much SPF?

          TIME IN THE SUN

Skin Type 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr 5+ hr
Fair SPF 15 SPF 30 SPF 30 SPF 50 SPF 50
Medium SPF 10 SPF 10 SPF 15 SPF 30 SPF 50
Dark SPF 5 SPF10 SPF 10 SPF 15 SPF 30


What is PA?

Protection Grade (PA) is the measure of defense against UVA, with the highest rating being +++. More ‘+’s means more protection.


For more information, visit


P/S: use sunblock everyday !



Sella xoxo


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